Broadcom announces new tri-band, MU-MIMO, 802.11ac router

Both use the same Broadcom chip as that used in the DIR-865L. And similar to the DIR-865L, they are both cloud-based routers, allowing users to remotely manage their home network via a mobile Solved: R7000P Connection Issues with MU-MIMO - NETGEAR Since its a Broadcom chipset based router I would disable MU-MIMO, on Broadcom based AC routers regardless of brand it can cause performance issues as Broadcom didnt do a great job of implementing MU. Secondly, MU on a 3 antenna router is pretty pointless as most clients have 2 antennas and for proper MU functionality to have 2 dual antenna MU Tech Info for Broadcom based Routers/Modems - Plusnet

Broadcom Inc. is a global technology leader that designs, develops and supplies semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions.

Broadcom Based Devices. Setup/Configuration for Broadcom Based Devices. 1. [Both routers] Save the current configurations: Administration -> Backup. Click the Backup button and follow prompts to save NVRAM files, e.g. nvram_host.bin and nvram_client.bin. These can be restored if the new setup doesn't work, to quickly revert to the previous

It is based on OpenWrt base source and modified with adding the additional feature which may not available in OpenWRT. Gargoyle is a lightweight and single page configuration firmware for simple configurations. Gargoyle designed for a myriad of Atheros and Broadcom-based wireless routers available with source code and ready bin file.

Sep 20, 2012